In Spring, 2014 Chatsworth House hosted an exhibition of two-dimensional metalwork sculptures by Michael Craig-Martin.

Michael Craig-Martin, RA (born 1941) is a contemporary conceptual artist and painter.   The works on view at Chatsworth are sculptures, but not as we ordinarily know them; these are sculptures of drawings, rather than sculptures of objects.   Made of high-tensile steel barely an inch thick, they are not free-standing, but supported by foundations dug into the earth.

Gate (white)

Pitchfork (pink)

Scissors (blue)

Hammer (purple)

Wheelbarrow (red)

Bulb (red)

Spade (pink)

Pitchfork (yellow)

High Heel (pink)

Umbrella (orange)

Umbrellas (orange) and (purple)

Umbrella (purple), shot through Umbrella (orange)

Umbrellas (orange) and (purple) and High Heel, shot through Umbrella (blue)