In 2013 Chatsworth House hosted an exhibition of sculptures and some paintings by William Turnbull.

Turnbull was born in 1922 and began his art as a comic illustrator working for D.C.Thompson in Dundee.   He served as an RAF pilot in WWII, studied at the Slade after the war, then worked in Paris and London.   Several websites detail the life and work of this interesting man.   Turbull died in 2012.

The images below illustrate most of the sculptures that were displayed in the park; they are presented in chronological order of their making.

Aphrodite, 1956

Group of figures with War Goddess, 1956, in the foreground

Screwhead, 1957

Totemic Figure, 1957

Head, 1957

Head, 1957 (detail)

Head, 1957 (Detail)

Angles, 1967-68

Metamorphic Venus, 1983

Large Idol, 1985

Leda, 1985

Large Siren, 1986, (front)

Large Siren, 1986, (back)

Large Spade Venus, 1986

Ancestral Figure, 1988

Large Horse, 1990

Large Blade Venus, 1990

Figure, 1992

Source, 1992 (detail)

Female Figure, 1993

Horse, 1999