For returning visitors this page gives recent additions (reverse chronological order) as a brief month-by-month log of excursions for photography



Camera & Lenses Page Updated   See Methods section on Homepage.

Published!   Photo of Little Gull (Birds, Gulls) published in "Gulls of the World" by Klaus Malling Olsen, 2018, Christopher Helm, p.340.

West Sussex   Visits to Kithurst Hill, Heyshott Down and Rewell Wood in superb weather over several days.   New pics of Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary, Orange Tip and Duke of Burgundy (Showcase, Butterflies and Butterflies, Nymphailidae and Pieridae).   Riodinidae gallery reorganised, with new pics.

Derbyshire, Longstone Edge   Pheromone lure used to attract Emperor Moths - two males captured, photographed and released unharmed (Moths, Saturniidae).


Spain, Costa Blanca   Some butterflies out around the Salinas de Calpe - Panoptes Blue and Cleopatra (Butterflies, Continental).   Hoopoe nesting in the hotel gardens (Birds, Bee eater, etc).